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  • by Dan Martin
  • 23/03/2021

Forget the national government census! WPNC is delighted to announce that - thanks to our clients' generous but honest feedback - WPNC has been ranked 21st best UK agency in The Drum's Digital Agency Census.

To find out what brands thought of their UK digital agency partners, The Drum polled hundreds of clients up and down the country and asked them to rate their agencies on measures including: overall satisfaction; whether they’d recommend their agency to another; the effectiveness of their work; value for money; their teamwork and collaboration; the quality of their creative output; and the quality of their relationship management.

"We work extremely hard to make sure our clients receive the same high quality experience across our diverse range of service areas" says Vicky Reeves, MD Digital. From technology development, to digital creative and performance media, WPNC covers a broad spectrum of specialisms. "We believe that combining collaboration with a sharp focus on outcomes is a winning formula." adds Reeves.

In the busy cut and thrust of agency life, short-term deadlines can often eclipse longer-term planning and business continuity. But WPNC prides itself on being able to balance agility and strategy, both internally and for clients, and it really paid off last year. Carl Edwards, CTO of WPNC, shares why: "When our offices closed due to the pandemic, we were already prepared to work 100% virtually thanks to the time and investment we put into cloud infrastructure and working practices"

It's not just about delivery though, it's about relationships. "One of the keys to unlocking success last year was that our team already had a genuine personal investment in our clients' success before the pandemic" comments Dan Martin, Digital Strategy Director. And, if anything, relationships have got better in the past 12 months with everyone working together closely in times of adversity towards a common goal. Martin continues, "It has been really inspiring to see the gap between agency and clients become very small indeed, and the results even more impressive than before!"

So WPNC would like to say a big thank you to all of our team and our clients for achieving this ranking. We all deserve it for our joint efforts and the brilliant work that has been produced over the past year!

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